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Paterson PD Arrests Suspect in Four Business Robberies

TAPinto.net Staff

Monday, June 30, 2014 • 3:43pm

PATERSON, NJ – After a lengthy investigation into a string of burglaries throughout the downtown business area of Paterson, the city’s police department have brought charges up on several of the incidents.

Det. Jimmy Maldonado and Det. Ricardo Vazquez have identified Paterson resident Mondino Garcia, of Oak Street, as the main suspect in four burglaries, according to a press release from Det. Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez

Garcia was charged today with burglarizing the following establishments:

May 23 -  Argenper Travel, 54B Cianci St.
June 18 -  99 Cent Shop, 123 Main St.
June 18 -  Broadway Pizza, 56 Broadway
June 29 -  RAC, 107 Market St.

Det. Maldonado and Det. Ricardo apprehended the suspect on Monday morning at approximately 10:45 a.m. at the intersection of Broadway and Carroll St.

As the detectives approached Garcia, he attempted to run away but was “quickly apprehended.”

After his arrest further investigation revealed that Mr. Garcia committed another burglary today at “RAC” on Market St.

Garcia is still a suspect in a multitude of other complaints. Those investigations are ongoing, as are numerous other burglaries in Paterson.

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