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Plainfield — Police and Fire

NJ State Police Urgently Searching For Missing Plainfield Man With Depression

NA Rudy

Saturday, August 30, 2014 • 6:59am

UPDATE: He was found in a hospital in New York City, a good ending to this story.

PLAINFIELD, NJ -- New Jersey State Police have sent out a bulleting seeking information related to the disappearance of a 22 year old Plainfield man, Nelson Hernandez.  Hernandez has been diagnosed with depression but is not taking medication for the disease.

He is not wanted for any crime, but is missing and considered a risk to himself and property.

Hernandez was last seen on Tuesday in his silver Honda Civic with the license plate G36CSB.  There is no information about what clothing he might be wearing.

If you see Hernandez the State Police urge you to call 911 or the Plainfield Police Department at (908) 753 3360.

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