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New Resident Mentoring Program to Launch

Jackie Schatell

Thursday, April 17, 2014 • 1:40am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – This May, the Vision 20/20 Committee will be launching the New Resident Mentoring Program. The primary goal of this program is to familiarize new residents with Livingston and all it has to offer. Every new resident will be provided with a mentor who will be available to answer any questions that the new resident may have about Livingston.

In addition, every new resident will be given a Welcome to Livingston Basket that will be filled with information about town, town services, schools and the library. Local businesses are also invited to include any information and/or coupons for their businesses.

Those with questions or that wish to participate in the program should contact Peg Williams at 973-251-2228 or via email at Pegeen.williams@gmail.com.

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