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New Providence Tennis Association Announces Memorial Tournament

Carol Lenardson

Sunday, April 20, 2014 • 4:20pm

Th New Providence Tennis Association (NPTA) will be holding its first annual Memorial Weekend Tournament on Saturday, May 24.  The tournament will offer Men's and Women's Doubles events and is free for NPTA members. Non-members may enter the tournament by paying the $25 membership fee.

All matches are single set with advantage and tie break, if needed.  The first round is group play with participants guaranteed to play three sets.  Two playoff rounds are single elimination.

The tournament will begin at 9am and conclude at 2pm.  A picnic lunch will be served after group play.  Prizes will be awarded to the tournament victors, along with a door prize.

To enter the tournament, you may visit our website www.newprovtennis.org, or send an email to us at info@newprovtennis.org.

All entries are first come, first served.  In the event of rain on the day of the event, the tournament will be played on Sunday, May 25.

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