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New Providence Police Report Phone Scams on Rise

TAP into New Providence Staff

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 • 3:40pm

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Over the past several weeks, the New Providence Police Department has seen an increase in the reports of telephone scams. 

Many of these scams involve an individual contacting a business owner or resident and purport to be a collections officer from a utility company. In some instances, they report that they represent a branch of local, state or federal government. In every case, the suspects attempt to have to call taker pay them either cash (via wire transfer) or “VISA Gift Cards.” 

The suspects are persistent and play on the fears of the call-takers that they will close their business or have a loved one arrested. 

The New Providence Police Department is urging residents and business owners to stay vigilant and guarded when dealing with people over the phone. 


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