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Multi-Vehicle Car Accident, Route 78 Closed in Warren Township; State Police Say Stay Home

Brenda A. Nemcek

Thursday, February 13, 2014 • 7:49pm

WARREN, NJ - Due to a multiple vehicle car accident at approximately Exit 40, Route 78 is closed in Warren Township. Traffic is being diverted from Exit 41 to Route 22. 

 From New Jersey State Police:
"As of 5 pm, Troopers responded to 205 reported Motor Vehicle Accidents and 508 Motorist Aids throughout State Police patrolled roads.
Please avoid unnecessary driving, if you do have to go out on the roads, bring emergency supplies and a fully charged mobile phone. 
The roads will be re-freezing as the temperature drops. The best place to be is inside. BE SAFE!!"
Temperatures are dropping and roads are re-freezing. Snow is expected to start again by 9 p.m. An additional  5-10 inches of snow is forecasted.
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