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Mountain Park Bike Rodeo Tests Students' Riding Skills

Bobbie Peer

Thursday, June 5, 2014 • 7:21am

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Mountain Park School held their annual Bike Rodeo Tuesday morning with Detective Mark Stallone reinforcing bike safety to the students in second through fifth grade. The students demonstrated their skills as they rode through a fun course designed on the playground blacktop. 

"The purpose is to test the students' skill set and see if there is a deficit of riding a straight line and stopping their bike," said Detective Stallone. "We encourage them to walk their bikes across the street, always wear their helmet, ride on the correct side of the street, don't ride their bike at night, and keep their hands on the handle bars."

"It's a fun day and an opportunity for the kids to show off their bike skills while having fun riding with their friends," said PTO President Angela Penna.

This is a long standing tradition in Berkeley Heights for the police department to reach out to the students to encourage bicycle safety said Detective Stallone. 

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