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Montclair Township Employees Visit Montclair Community Farm Camp

Township of Montclair

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 • 6:40am

MONTCLAIR, NJ - Department of Health and Human Services participated in the Montclair Community Farms camp at 108 Orange Road last week, sharing their time and enthusiasm with the campers, ages six to eight.

Sustainability Officer Gray Russell helped the kids get their hands dirty as they inspected a compost bin together to find out how many crawly critters they could discover.

“Kids are naturals at composting,” said Russell, “They understand that making compost from food scraps and garden trimmings not only improves our soil so we can grow more healthy veggies, but it also means less garbage to throw out. And they love those squirmy worms!”

Animal Shelter Manager Melissa Neiss and Animal Control Officer Shaune Jones brought former Shelter dog Chase to the camp. They talked about their work with the animals they take care of at the Shelter.



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