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Missing Yorkshire Terrier Returns Home

Sean Conklin

Friday, April 11, 2014 • 11:08pm

SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- A Yorkshire Terrier found wandering on Front St. near Farley Ave. on Friday afternoon has been reunited with her owner. 

Rosa Delnegro, a resident of Front St.  near Valleyscent Ave. said she lost Daisy as she prepared to give the five-year old Yorkie a bath.  Delnegro believes Daisy must have run out the door, which was ajar.

Delnegro frantically searched for Daisy all afternoon and into the evening and began circulating fliers with a picture of the missing dog.  She was about to post a flier at Rita’s on Terrill Road just as The Alternative Press publisher John Mooney stepped up to the window to order.

"Is this your dog?" Mooney asked and held up the photo that he had taken on his cell phone and posted on The Alternative Press and on social media. 

Delnegro broke into tears and said, "God sent me here!  My son will be so happy.  We've been crying all day and looking for her."

Daisy has returned home to her family and  her playmate, Toby, a male Yorkie Tea Cup.

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