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Millburn 'Slow Down in Town' Traffic Campaign Kicks Off

David Lackey

Sunday, September 29, 2013 • 5:45pm

MILLBURN, NJ - The Short Hills Association has embarked on a traffic-calming campaign utilizing “Slow Down in Town” yard signs, which have been placed on private property along busy streets with police approval. 

The eye-catching signs have the image of a turtle urging motorists to slow down.

The Association is seeking more volunteers to place signs on their lawns, particularly on Great Hills Road, Hartshorn Drive, Western Drive, Old Short Hills Road, Wyoming Avenue, Hillside Avenue/Hobart Avenue intersection, and Short Hills Avenue/Pine Terrace intersection.

Contact Eleanor Wallen, mewallen181@comcast.net or (973) 379-7131 if you would like a sign for your lawn. 

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