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Meals on Wheels Teams Go Above and Beyond

Julie Pedersen, Communications Specialist, SAGE Eldercare

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 • 11:17pm

SAGE Eldercare volunteers, Beverly Kaczmarski of Maplewood and John O’Connor of Gillette, are getting to make their weekly Meals On Wheels (MOW) food delivery to local older adults.  This team goes out of their way to care for not only their clients, but also their clients’ pets, often buying pet food and grooming them.   Recently, they went above their volunteer duties by taking a cat to a local vet and paying to put it to sleep when they found that it was sick during one of their weekly MOW visits.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities with SAGE or to receive a MOW delivery, call 908.273.5554 or visit sageeldercare.org.

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