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Mayor Harris Sets Out to Create a 'Buzz' Near River Road

Ed Barmakian

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 • 9:35pm

CHATHAM, NJ - Mayor Bruce Harris, explaining the need for bees in the environment, is stepping up to do his part. He announced at the recent Borough of Chatham Council meeting that he's starting a community beekeeper club.

"We depend on bees for pollination and our world would be very different without them," Harris said. "I visited a bee keeper and not one tried to attack, but I'll be wearing a bee suit."

The beekeeper club will be located on a vacant piece of property off River Road.

"It's not being used and it's near water, which bees need to survive," Harris said.

Beekeepers would set up the four hives and members of the community beekeepers would take care of the hives. Bill Heap of the Chatham Jaycees offered to donate the startup costs for the beehives.

"That's the buzz on bees," he said.

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