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Mayor DeLuca Performs Mass Wedding on Steps of Municipal Building

David Lackey

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 • 2:51pm

MAPLEWOOD, NJ – Mayor Victor DeLuca performed a group wedding for same-sex couples on the steps of the Municipal Building on Monday, the first day of marriage equality in New Jersey.

“We have been working to bring about marriage equality for a long time,” DeLuca said.

A video of the ceremony may be viewed here:


“This all came together in the last 24 hours,” said C.J. Prince of the organization North Jersey Pride.  “I am so pleased with the turnout and support of the community.  Some of these couple had to apply for a waiver to the 72-hour waiting period, but it all worked out fabulously.”

Flowers for the ceremony were donated by Lotus Petals Florist in Maplewood, and a the wedding cake was donated by Hey There Cupcake in Kearny.

Township Committeeman Gerard Ryan was on hand to witness the proceeding.

“When I watched my friends smiling as they exchanged their vows today, I said you have to believe there is nothing wrong with what is going on here today, “ Ryan said.  “It’s all wonderful.”

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