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MayFest 2014 Brings Out Hundreds in Maplewood

Mike Kylis

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 • 11:44am

MAPLEWOOD, NJ -- With the temperature reaching over 80 degrees Sunday, hundreds of people came out to celebrate the 13th annual MayFest. 

Live music filled the air, as did the smell of food from the dozens of vendors.There was lots of action at the petting zoo, and the kids also had several rides to enjoy as well as a train ride around the festivities.

There was several stages set up for music. Eighth degree black belt Shihan Durand Howard's students put on a demonstration, and the audience joined in when the dancers from the Viva Z Club took to the streets..

Maplewood Mayor Victor DeLuca was just one of the crowd enjoying the perfect day. "I come every year,"  he said. "This is the first year using outside venders. There are 20 percent more venders than last year -- over 120."

Many said the street festival keeps getting better every year. "I can't wait till next year!" one boy told his father.



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