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Madison Softball Team Beats Whippany Park, 5-2

The Alternative Press Staff

Thursday, April 24, 2014 • 10:29pm

WHIPPANY, NJ - Stephanie Deeb spun a six-hitter to send the Madison varsity softball team to a 5-2 victory over Whippany Park on Thursday.

Madison (9-2) scored four runs in the top of the third inning to take a 5-2 lead, and Deeb shut the home team down the rest of the way. Deeb finished with five strikeouts and two walks.

Kristina Qualben's second-inning home run accounted for the Dodgers' first run. Mackie Goodwin later hit a double, Jessica Epstein had a triple and Alyssa Debiasse belted a two-run single in the third inning.


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