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Madison Proclamations for 50 Years of Service

Bonnie L. Cramer

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 • 6:58am

MADISON, NJ - A proclamation was awarded to Sally Barylick and Theresa Zwick at the Madison Borough Council meeting Monday night in recognition of their service for fifty years with the Madison Ambulance Corp.

 "A century of service to Madison right here," Mayor Robert Conley said.

Conley extended thanks and appreciation for Zwick's volunteer efforts, having worked "tirelessly and diligently" on the auxiliary and to Barylick for serving admirably, citing her 40 years of riding the ambulance and even delivering a baby at one point.

 "Thank you everyone," said Zwick.

 "It was a work of love, and you have to love to do this," Barylick said.


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