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Madison Borough Offices to Open at Noon Wednesday; PSEG Offers Tips for Extreme Cold

The Alternative Press Staff

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 • 10:17am

MADISON, NJ - After seeing nearly a foot of snow fall in the community on Tuesday, Madison Borough offices will have a delayed opening of noon on Wednesday.

Whatever snow has fallen is likely to be with borough residents for awhile, as temperatures are forecast to remain below 20 degrees until at least the weekend, with nightly lows getting close to zero degrees, with sub-zero wind  chill readings.

PSE&G is advising area residents to take the following actions to combat the extreme cold temeperatures:

• Seal up openings around and under doors and windows
• Make sure all storm windows are down and tightly closed
• Lower thermostats serving unused rooms
• Close dampers in unused fireplaces
• Move furniture and drapes away from heating registers, radiators, and baseboard element covers
• Open any register or baseboard dampers 


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