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Livingston — Municipal Court Rundown

Livingston Weekly Court News, Jan. 27 - Feb. 3

Eric Paragallo

Monday, February 3, 2014 • 11:52pm

LIVINGSTON, NJ - The Livingston Municipal Court settled one case for the week of Jan. 27 through Feb. 3.

Marc Louis of Linden NJ was charged with a DWI, careless driving, unlicensed driving and failure to inspect his car.

All charges, save for the charge of DWI, were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Louis was sentenced to pay a $256 fine, a $200 DWI surcharge, $33 in court cost fees, $50 to the victim of crime compensation fund, and $75 to the State Neighborhood fund.

Louis has lost his license for three months and must also attend intoxicated driver recourse center for 12 hours.

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