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Livingston Residents are Invited to Take Memorial Park Survey

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, April 18, 2014 • 12:35am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – Livingston’s Engineering Department has created a survey to find out how residents currently use the park and what they would like to see there in the future. These survey results will assist in the development of Livingston’s “Memorial Park Master Plan” to aid in setting a course of action for short- and long-term park improvements.

Memorial Park covers more than 42 acres. The site is loosely surrounded by several significant Township landmarks, including the Town Hall and Police Station, Livingston High School, Haines Community Pool, St. Philomena’s Church, the Livingston Public Library, the YMCA and the Old Force Homestead.  

“We want to create an even better park area,” stated Township Engineer Rich Calbi, Jr., “and who better to ask about it than our residents? With their thoughtful input, we can be sure to make improvements and create areas that will offer a wide variety of uses and options for everyone to enjoy.”

Residents should have the survey completed by Wednesday, May 21.

Take the survey on Livingston’s Township website at www.livingstonnj.org or through the Township’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LivingstonTownshipNJ. Copies of the survey are also available at Town Hall, 357 S. Livingston Avenue; at the Senior, Youth & Leisure Services counter, Senior/Community Center, 204 Hillside Avenue; and at the Livingston Public Library, 10 Robert Harp Drive.

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