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Livingston Chamber's 'On the Road' is Building Momentum

Jessica Marrone Parkes

Friday, March 21, 2014 • 1:59am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – The Livingston Area Chamber (LACC) had its second “Breakfast on the Road” meeting at Argyle Market on Thursday March 13.

Executive Director, Beth Lippman reported that there were even more first-time Chamber guests therer than at their last meeting at Jan Press Photo/Media the month before.

“We are so pleased to see so many new faces coming to find out what the Livingston Chamber is all about,” said Lippman.

Monte Ehrenkranz, president of the LACC facilitated discussion and gave all guests a chance to talk about their business and the kind of clients they would like to meet.

“Since we started ‘On the Road’ both events have brought new people out to network and attendance has increased each time,” said Ehrenkranz.

Breakfast, which included egg soufflé, French toast, bacon, home fries and bagels, was served complimentary of the host, Argyle Market.

Owner Stuart Garber gave a quick history of Argyle Market and an overview of its menu and catering services.

Garber’s presentation was followed by several guests complimenting the food and catering services. " I was very pleased with the food and the presentation was wonderful," said Erika Lippman, a guest.

LACC will meet next on the road at Bernheim Apter Kreitzman at 8:00 a.m. on April 10.

For more information or to host a breakfast, contact Beth Lippman at info@livingstonchambernj.com

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