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Livingston Awarded Best Tasting Water in New Jersey

Jessica Marrone Parkes

Saturday, August 24, 2013 • 6:55am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – On Aug. 20, Kathleen Udasco of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Water Works Association presented the Township of Livingston with an Award for Best Tasting Water in New Jersey.

Livingston competed this year in a contest at the American Water Works Association New Jersey Section’s (AWWA NJ) annual conference in Atlantic City.

According to Dennis Ciemniecki, NJ Section Chair, approximately 800 people attended the conference.  “It’s a group that focuses on the technical, managerial and the operational aspects of delivering drinking water.”

Of the 800 attendees, 150 participated in a blind-tap-water taste test.  “The water had to be room temperature and be served in similar containers,” explained Udasco, who also originated the contest.

“We had a great population that really knows water – a great group of contestants,” said Ciemniecki. “It was a fun event – and also a peer evaluation and a peer award as well.”

Livingston now qualifies to compete for best tasting water on a national level at the AWWA’s annual water convention.

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