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Liberty Middle School Students Travel to Degnan Park Lake for Multi-Curriculum Experience

Cynthia Cumming

Monday, October 28, 2013 • 1:13am

WEST ORANGE, NJ -  Eighth-grade Liberty Middle School Students traveled to Degnan Park Lake on Oct. 15 to utilize a multi-curriculum approach to water sampling.

Science teacher Vince DeJesus helped students to take water samples test its chemical properties as well as collect macro invertebrates to determine water quality.

As part of the West Orange Public Schools new initiative to engage students across in a multi-curricular experience, they also had a language arts activity on-site, creating a concrete poem in the shape of the object they were viewing; a social studies scavenger hunt of the history of Degnan Park and lake; and a math activity which involved the estimation and measurement of  several objects in the park and around the lake.

Studies have shown that by integrating learning across subject boundaries, students learn and absorb information more readily.  A combination of tactile, visual, and audio learning strategies reinforces what students are learning as well and helps a broader range of students grasp subject concepts.

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