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Liberty Middle School Prepares for NJ Ask Testing

Cynthia Cumming

Sunday, April 28, 2013 • 6:03pm

WEST ORANGE, NJ - For many middle school students throughout the state, it's time to sharpen their pencils.  And minds.

This week, 7th and 8th grade students in the district will be taking New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) standardized tests.  The seventh graders will be assessed on language arts, reading and mathematics, while the eighth grade tests will focus on language arts, reading, mathematics and science.

The students have been concentrating on strategies that will help to prepare them for testing.  Liberty Middle School advisory classes have been brainstorming, creating banners and foam fingers that highlight approaches to help them become successful.  The student creations are posted around the building as a reminder of strategies and motivational tools, leading up to the NJASK.

Not only are the students prepared for the subject content, but these simple steps will also assist them real life. Some tips include: getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy, having a positive attitude, focusing on what you know and reading the directions carefully.

"With so much riding on state assessments, any motivational type
activity that also re-assures our students to be confident in their abilities
and aware of test-taking strategies is a worth while experience," Liberty
Principal Robert Klemt said.

Testing runs from Monday, April 29th through Thursday, May 2nd.

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