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League of Women Voters Receives Berkeley Heights Government's Support For Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Marle Sincaglia

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 • 6:44am

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The League of Women Voters, as part of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking, is urging the Mayors of our three towns to sign a Proclamation designating January 11th as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. On Tuesday, January 7th, Mayor Joseph Bruno signed this Proclamation.   Berkeley Heights is now added to other towns who are asking the NJ Legislature to make January 11th Human Trafficking Awareness Day on the State level.  We believe that Legislation raising awareness about this issue will encourage individuals, businesses, organizations and governing bodies to oppose Human Trafficking in all its forms.

Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. It is a rapidly growing criminal industry in New Jersey, second only to drug dealing and equal in scope to arms dealing.  Human Trafficking involves the use of force and/or coercion for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labor.  It must be stopped.  The State League of Women Voters recently held a Consensus.  This will allow the League to speak against Human Trafficking and advocate for laws to protect the victims and punish the perpetrators.

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