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LCJSMS PTO Accepting Donations to Assist Injured Crossing Guard

Greg Elliott

Saturday, January 25, 2014 • 6:28pm

SUMMIT, NJ - The Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School (LCJSMS) PTO is reaching out to the community in an effort to assist injured crossing guard DJ Abdullah.  Abdullah, who also works at the LCJSMS cafeteria, was struck by a motor vehicle at the Morris Avenue / Elm Street intersection on January 8, sustaining a broken leg and fractured arm.  She is currently in a rehabilitation facility.

Donations will help facilitate grocery delivery, house cleaning, and taxi service to attend her physical therapy session, among other needs.  Interested parties are asked to make a check payable to LCJSMS PTO and write "Crossing Guard" on the memo line.  It is requested that all donations be submitted to the school, either via the mail or by having your child drop it off in the main office no later than January 31.  If by mail, the LCJSMS address is 272 Morris Avenue, Summit, 07901.
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