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Lansdale Honors Hatfield Business for Its Heroic Staff

TAPintoNorthPenn.net Staff

Saturday, August 23, 2014 • 4:00pm

Lansdale Borough Council this week honored the management and employees of a Hatfield Township business for cherishing the meaning of “community” and helping save two young lives.

A.L. Finishing Co. co-owners Jamie and Chris Hemmerle were given a proclamation by Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely Wednesday for its heroic choice on July 14, reported The Reporter Online.

That day, Lansdale Police and neighboring departments searched for a missing brother and sister, who walked away from the backyard of their Andover Road home.

When the Hemmerles and staff heard of the search, they gave their workers permission to help out.

It would be two of those workers who would find the children, unharmed, playing in a creek bed.

Last month, Lansdale Police Sgt. Alex Kromdyk urged council to honor and recognize A.L. Finishing Co. for its efforts.

It was a double dose of gratitude for A.L. Finishing on Wednesday night, according to the report – The Schwab Road business was also recognized as Lansdale Economic Develpoment Committee’s Business of the Month, presented by Councilwoman Mary Fuller.

Read more on the event here.

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