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Lansdale Borough Recognizes Employee Milestones

Tony Di Domizio

Thursday, July 24, 2014 • 4:30am

Lansdale Borough Council and borough administration recently recognized a total of 240 years of service to the borough.

At last week's council action meeting, borough Manager Timi Kirchner and council President Jason Van Dame honored eight staff members and police officers for their dedication to Lansdale.

Those receiving kudos were:

  • Eileen Nacarella, customer service, 40 years
  • Steve Pulli, electric department substation technician, 40 years
  • Sam Ayoub, parks and recreation department, 35 years
  • Linda Rufe, special assistant for buildings and grounds, 30 years
  • Dan Greer, public works department, 25 years
  • Retired Police Officer Justin DiBonaventura, 25 years
  • Officer Jeff Mallozzi, 15 years
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