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Kiwanis Donation to Randolph Township Officials

Janine Meyer

Thursday, May 15, 2014 • 7:54am

RANDOLPH, NJ- The Kiwanis club of Randolph township presented a check in the amount of $11,400.00 to town officials which will help with the rebuilding of Kiwanis Park Playground on Calumet Road.

The original playground equipment had fallen in disrepair, and was removed. Concerned neighbors in the area joined together to petition the town to reinstate the playground with new equipment. The neighborhood group, led by Kim Trella, worked to raise funds, and the Randolph Kiwanis club offered a dollar for dollar match of funds raised by the group.

Of the $11,400 donation, $1,900 was raised by the community and $9,500 raised by the Kiwanis Family which included: RHS Key Club, K-Kids, the Randolph Kiwanis Club, The Paul Kull Memorial Fund and a grant from NJ District Kiwanis.

The remaining costs of the playground (about $25,000) is proposed to be covered by Randolph Township, pending approval of the township budget.

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