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James Caldwell Applauds Five Students Who Performed at Region I Concert

Carolyne Volpe Curley

Friday, March 1, 2013 • 2:57pm

WEST CALDWELL, NJ - James Caldwell freshman Nicole Bruno along with sophomores Eileen Funnell, Madeline Caracappa, Regina Peters and Anna Rizzotti were accepted into Region I Choruses and performed at the North Jersey School Music Association Regional I Concert on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

The students auditioned in January along with hundreds of performers from seven northern NJ counties. Vocalists had to demonstrate a variety of skills, including diatonic major scales sung one octave ascending and then descending, chromatic scales, a memorized solo judged on quality, intonation and musicianship, and tonal memory. Performers with the highest scores were accepted into the Regional groups.

Practice took place during four intense rehearsals which each lasted five hours.

Performing with the Women’s Chorus were:

  • Freshman Nicole Bruno, Alto I
  • Sophomore Anna Rizzotti, Soprano I

Performing with the Mixed Chorus were:

  • Sophomore Madeline Caracappa, soprano II
  • Sophomore Eileen Funnell, Soprano I
  • Sophomore Regina Peters, Soprano I

From left, sophomores Eileen Funnell, Madeline Caracappa, Regina Peters, freshman Nicole Bruno and sophomore Anna Rizzotti  Credit: Christine Corliss

For further information:
James Caldwell High School
265 Westville Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ

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