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Home Burglars Arrested After Running from Westfield Police

Jackie Lieberman

Sunday, January 13, 2013 • 3:48pm

WESTFIELD, NJ—On Friday, January 11, Westfield police arrested two Elizabeth men suspected of burglarizing a home on the 900 block of Brown Avenue, according to Westfield Police Chief David Wayman.

“On January 11, at approximately 11:45 a.m., police responded to the 900 block of Brown Avenue on report of two suspicious males. Upon their arrival, they came in contact with a 22-year-old male by the name of Weudi Alvarez-Hernandez of Elizabeth and a 23-year-old male by the name of Lefty Rodriguez, also of Elizabeth. They were fleeing from a residence on Brown Avenue,” said Wayman.

Police officers chased the suspects on foot. “After a brief foot chase, they were able to subdue both individuals,” said Wayman.

Through their investigation, Westfield police were able to confirm that Alvarez-Hernandez and Rodriguez had, in fact, committed a burglary of a residence on Brown Avenue and that both were in possession of proceeds of that burglary. (The residents had not been home at the time.)

Alvarez-Hernandez and Rodriguez were arrested and subsequently charged with burglary, theft and resisting arrest and transported to Union County Jail in lieu of bail.

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