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Friends of Sal Summer Wrap-Up

Jennifer Dericks

Thursday, July 31, 2014 • 10:03pm

SPARTA, NJ- Organizers of Friends of Sal reached out to the community to get support for a Sparta family who tragically lost their father and husband in an accident on Route 287 in May.  The community took up the challenge and raised over $30,000.  There were many events over the spring and early summer.  These included:

  • Sparta High School Cheer leaders-car wash             $1077
  • Sparta High School Cheer leader-other efforts               450
  • VFW Friday Night Barbecue                                                 748                                                                         
  • Knights of Columbus                                                          5500
  • Elks Grand Marshall Dinner                                              3800
  • Junior Women’s Club Friday Night Movie Food Sale     290
  • Donation Jar at Friday Night Movie                                     200
  • Dana Calendrillo Solstice Sun Salutation Yoga              675
  • Sparta Unico                                                                         1000                               
  • Sparta Softball Booster Club                                               250
  • Sparta Soccer                                                                         250
  • Perona Farms     2 Sunday Brunch Tickets for Raffle
  • St Moritz             5 Dinner Coupons for Raffle
  • Sparta Youth and High School Wrestling gave directly to the fund.

A website donation fund was also established www.giveforward.com..  There are additional fundraising events in the planning stage for the fall including Dining to Donate at Krogh’s.

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