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Paterson — Police Blotter

Four Men Stabbed at 5th Ward Party

Joe Malinconico / PatersonPress.com

Sunday, November 25, 2012 • 12:53pm

PATERSON, NJ - Four men were stabbed at 17 Olive Street when a fight broke out at about 12:30 am Sunday at church hall party to celebrate a girl's 15th birthday, police said.

One of the victims, a 19-year-old Passaic man, was in stable condition at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center while the others - all Patersonians - were treated and released, said Sgt. David Scialla. The other victims are 43-, 41- and 29-years-old,

A fifth person also was assaulted in the incident, Scialla said.

Detectives are still trying to determine what prompted the stabbings, which happened near the entrance of the party area. Police said more than 100 attended the party.

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