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Four Accidents Caused By Potholes On Reinman Road, Now There's An App To Report Them

Brenda A. Nemcek

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 • 9:22pm

WARREN, NJ - Last weekend four accidents caused by pothole damage were reported on Reinman Road alone, according to a a report issued by the Warren Township Police on Feb. 24.
There are major pothole issues on nearly every roadway in New Jersey.
To help to get them reported and ultimately fixed, Rutgers professor and GIS expert Dr.  Wansoo Im has teamed with the Jersey Shore Hurricane News and GIS technology company Vertices New Jersey to develop a map of the thousands of potholes that have emerged from the extremely harsh winter.
Jersey Shore Hurricane News said,"We're very happy to announce the "New Jersey Pothole Map." In partnership with Vertices, a community mapping firm based in New Brunswick, just like our plow, power outage, and weather maps, you now have the power to report potholes by using an user friendly mobile app."
1. Download "MapplerK" for iPhone or Android (you'll need to logout and login if you already have the app in order for the pothole map to populate)
2. Select ‘Group'
3. id: JSHN / pass: JSHN
4. Select the map from left panel
5. Add with top right button and follow directions
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