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FDU Florham Championship Women's Basketball Team Honored

The Alternative Press Staff

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 • 1:00pm

The Board of Trustees of Fairleigh Dickinson University presented the Florham Campus Women's Basketball team with a resolution to honor their 2014 Division III NCAA National Championship and undefeated 33-0 season. The team in turn presented President Sheldon Drucker with a basketball they all signed commemorating their victory in the University of Puerto Rico-Bayamon Clasico this season. 
Front Row: (L-R) Assistant Coach Mike Williams, Assistant Coach Jessica Cavaco, Head Coach Marc Mitchell, University President Sheldon Drucker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Patrick Zenner. 
Back Row: (L-R) Shalette Brown, Robin Peoples, Delisha Thompson, Rachel Groom, Jalessa Lewis, Alyssa McDonough, Randi Jo Farrell. 
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