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Farifax Court Resident Reports Car Fire

TAP into Madison Staff

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 • 12:50pm

MADISON, NJ – A Farifax Court resident will be searching for a new car.

Early Wednesday morning, the Madison police and fire departments were dispatched to Farifax Court on a report of a car fire. When they arrived, they saw a 2012 silver Audi engulfed in flames, which was quickly extinguished by the Fire Department, according to Detective Lieutenant Dennis Lam.

An investigation at the scene found the fire does not appear to be suspicious. The owner of the Audi, a 64-year-old man, reported that when he started his car and began to drive down Farifax Court, the engine “shuttered” and a red light flashed on the dashboard.

The resident pulled over and shut the car off before seeing flames coming from underneath the hood. He quickly left the car and notified 9-1-1.

The resident was not injured during the incident, however a second car, a beige Lexus parked next to the Audi, was damaged during the fire.

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