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EXPO 2014 Is Celebrated At Mountain Park School

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, April 25, 2014 • 6:00am

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Mountain Park School students showcased their talent, creativity and achievements at EXPO 2014, sponsored by the PTO, Tuesday, April 22. The school turned into an art gallery giving students the sense of pride as they exhibited their work to parents and families. 

"This wonderful, bi-annual event enticed throngs of parents and students to come out to wander the varied displays of creative work covering everything from the fields of art, history, math, science, and literature," said Mary Ann Walsh, PTO Expo Co-Chair.

The artwork showed a variety of art styles, techniques, and subjects .

"Events like these truly epitomize the amazing work being done every day by the students and teachers in the Berkeley Heights school district classrooms," said Walsh. 

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