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Diversity Committee of New Providence Hosts Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Julia Torsiello

Monday, May 5, 2014 • 9:51pm

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Local residents celebrated Cinco de Mayo Monday night at the DeCorso Community Center in New Providence. Hosted by the Diversity Council, the event featured Latin-inspired food, dancing, and good company.

Aracely DiGirolamo, Spanish teacher at New Providence High School, attended the celebration and educated guests about the history of Cinco de Mayo and Latino culture.  

“Tonight we are appealing to the Latino community,” said Sunil Abrol, chairman of the Diversity Committee, “but our objective is to bring people together and create a community in this town.”

The mission of the Diversity Committee was apparent in Abrol’s greeting to the crowd.  “We are one human family… we need to put into practice showing kindness to every nation,” he said, with these sentiments echoed by DiGirolamo in Spanish.

The Diversity Committee of New Providence will be marching in the town’s upcoming Memorial Day Parade.  

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