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Detectives Investigate Swastika Graffiti at New Providence Train Station

TheAlternativePress.com Staff

Friday, September 20, 2013 • 12:34pm

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Graffiti depicting a swastika has been sprayed across the walls of the New Providence train station for close to two weeks now, according to residents who have notified borough police as well as NJ Transit officials.

“My detectives are investigating this in cooperation with Summit detectives,” said Deputy Chief Scott Torre of the New Providence Police Department. “NJ Transit was notified to paint over the damage about two weeks ago.”

In addition to the swastika, the graffiti also includes several illustrations of faces and the message “Racism is a crime” spray-painted on the wall near the stairwell in bright red.

Councilman Gary Kapner told TheAlternativePress.com, "I’m saddened and disgusted by it.  NJ Transit needs to be more responsive to the residents/customers in the towns they serve."

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