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South Orange/Maplewood — Lost and Found Pets

Community comes together search for daisy continues

S. Orange community

Sunday, January 19, 2014 • 7:02pm

My wife, son, two dogs , and I recently moved to south orange . Friday 1-3-14 two days before my sons second birthday,mour beloved dog jumped the fence when let to go potty and was hit by a neighbor , she immediately bolted up meeker street towards montrose ave . We have been searching everyday and posting flyers. A nearby neighbor posted a thread on maplewood online who also was actively helping us with our search.   The community has shown us nothing but kindness and willingness to help in our time of need . We are very appreciative of this . The response has been huge. But sadly still we have not found her . This is a very important concern of ours our dog daisy has been our life for so long. My son , wife, myself , and other dog are very depressed and are not in a good place . Any help would be appreciated and thank you . 
Daniel , Meghan , Bryson  , and Finesse (other pup)
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