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Collect 'Em All: Summit P.D. Unveils Third Edition of Trading Card Program

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, March 28, 2014 • 2:56pm

SUMMIT, NJ - The Summit Police Department has produced the third edition of its Trading Card Program.

Originally started in 2004, the program is designed to foster a stronger relationship between the younger children of the community and the members of the Summit Police Department.  It is primarily funded through private donations from local businesses in town.  

Each member of the Summit Police Department is issued trading cards depicting their photograph on the front, and a brief biographical statement on the reverse side.  By approaching the members of the department to ask for their card, the children are able to initiate a conversation to get to know the Officers.

The program has been proven to provide a positive impact on the younger members of the community, and encourages them to feel more comfortable seeking out an officer in a time of need.  As the children collect more and more trading cards, they are less intimidated, and any fears are alleviated.  

The trading card program will be running through the end of June.  Each child is encouraged to collect all 56 cards and, at the end, eligible participants will be entered into a raffle for prizes.  Children must be in Pre-K through 5th grade to participate.  For an entire listing of the rules for the program, visit the City of Summit website at www.cityofsummit.org

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