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Colby Chen Continues Winning Streak in Westfield Geo Bee

Lorre Korecky

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 • 1:46pm

Colby Chen, seventh grader at Edison Intermediate School in Westfield, won first place for the second consecutive year in Edison’s competition sponsored by the National Geographic Society.  Pictured are (l-r) Andrea Brennan, Supervisor of Social Studies K-12; Jacob Tannanbaum, 8th grader, who earned 3rd place in the Geo Bee; Colby Chen wearing the first place medal; Jack Albin, second place winner who is in 8th grade; and Matthew Bolton, Edison’s Principal. Colby will take a written test as the next step to advance to the state level competition in the spring. Tests are reviewed in the next few months, when the National Geographic Society will notify schools of state contenders. 

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