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City Police Shut Down After-Hours Bar

Joe Malinconico / PatersonPress.com

Monday, August 27, 2012 • 5:02pm

PATERSON, NJ - City police on Saturday shut down an illegal after-hours bar that they say was operating at a car wash in the 4th Ward, according to Capt. Troy Oswald.

At about 2 am, Det. Sgt. Thomas Trommelen shut down the illegal business at the Mirror Car Wash and Detail on a dead-end block at 193 Montgomery Street, Oswald said.

Police issued summonses for code violations involving the after-hours club to Jarvis Valentine, a 31-year-old Woodland Park resident, Oswald said.

There were about 3- to 35 people at the illegal bar when it was shut down, police said.


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