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Check Your Ticket, You May Be the Pick 6 Winner: $4.4 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Sold At Country Farms In Berkeley Heights

Bobbie Peer

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 • 3:50pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The winning ticket to Monday evening's drawing of the New Jersey Lottery Pick 6 Lotto was purchased at the Country Farms Convenience Store located at 378 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights next to Dunkin Donuts. The winning ticket is worth $4.4 million. 

If you purchased a Pick 6 ticket at Country Farms on Monday --  check your tickets, you may be the winner.

Lottery officials notified Sunny at Country Farms to inform him that the $4.4 million ticket was purchased at his convenience store. The winner has not come forward at the time this story was published. 

Winning numbers are 2, 10, 21 26, 32,33.

Sunny is looking forward to the real celebration when he learns who the winner is. Country Farms is getting a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket. 

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