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Chatham's Yankee Stadium Ice Hockey Game Moved to Super Bowl Sunday

By Ed Barmakian

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 • 10:25pm

CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham High ice hockey team was supposed to play at Yankee Stadium at the end of January, but the game has been moved to 10:45 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb.2.

"That's the latest," Bill Librera, the Chatham athletic director said.

The reason for the move is that to play on Jan. 31 in the early evening as originally scheduled would have required the Yankee Stadium lights to be on. It is unclear whether the Yankees did not want to turn on the lights for such a game or that the cost would be prohibitive.

Chatham coach Frank Gilberti had worked to make the game a reality by working with St. Peter's coach Mike Goodrich, who had the original idea to play the game. Undefeated Chatham (10-0-3) is still set to play St. Peter's at Yankee Stadium.




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