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Chatham's History Celebrated in Mural Unveiled at Fishawack

Ed Barmakian

Sunday, June 15, 2014 • 12:55am

CHATHAM, NJ - It took three-plus years and 14 months of actually painting, but it was well worth the wait.

The Chatham Public Arts Council, led by Jennifer Voigt Kaplan and Dawn Paruta, and lead artist Kenji Hasegawa, displayed the fruits of their labor at Fishawack with a 9-panel, hand-painted mural that now adorns the underpass on Fairmount Avenue.

"The mural is a visual celebration of what Chatham is and was," according to the brochure put together by the Public Arts Council. "The images portrayed are a sampling of our collective identity in 2011."

Hasegawa had the help of 25 volunteer background artists with the project he led while teaching art at Washington Avnue and Milton Avenue schools.

Kenji Hasegawa, lead artist, talks about the three years he spent painting mural unveiled at Fishawack


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