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Chatham Skate Park Celebrates Re-Opening

Emily McHale

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 • 9:53pm

CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Skate Park Committee hosted a skate-filled event Saturday afternoon in honor of Go Skateboarding Day.

The event kicked off with a skateboarding takeover down Southern Boulevard in Chatham. The skateboarders then moved to the skatepark where there was a free skate until the Best Trick contest began.

The skate park was closed last summer as it fell into disrepair with the ramps being deemed unsafe due to holes and the blacktop becoming cracked and bumpy.

Mimi Mehta, member of the Chatham Skate Park Committee and mother of a skateboarder, described her and other local parents efforts to spark interest in saving the park.

“They worked so hard in the first place to put this park here, so 10 years just didn’t seem long enough,” said Mehta.

At the time of the event, most of the money for the renovations to the skate park had been raised, with reparations on the blacktop expected to happen sometime this summer.

The committee thought Chatham having their own Go Skateboarding Day would be a great way to celebrate the re-opening and rejuvenation of the skate park.

“While we were doing this we learned about Go Skateboarding Day. It’s the tenth anniversary and it’s a worldwide event--not just national. We thought it would be a great way to celebrate having the park back,” said Mehta.

Food was provided for all in attendance, which was donated by Stop and Shop and Shop Rite.

The event concluded with a demonstration with New York City-based 5BORONYC skate team.




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