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Chatham Boys Cross-Country Team Ready to Run Down the Competition

Ed Barmakian

Sunday, August 25, 2013 • 10:40pm

CHATHAM, NJ - In 2008, Pat Barry started out his career as the Chatham High Boys Cross-Country Coach by winning the state sectional with five strong runners.

This year, the expectations should be high since Chatham has 10 quality runners, giving it depth it hasn't had in quite some time.

Seniors Dominic Vernazza, Andrew Vena and Parth Shah, along with juniors Will Mitchell and Grant Hauck give Chatham a solid core of five veterans.

"I think we have a good core of returning athletes and our sophomore group is particularly strong," Barry said.  "They were the county champs as freshman and they won easily."

The sophomores who helped Chatham roll to the Morris County freshman title are: Kevin Gesell, Pat Mortensen, Ben Seitz-Sitch, Liam Hynes and Jack Byrd.

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