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Chatham Borough Adopts Salary Range Ordinance

Ed Barmakian

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 • 5:45pm

CHATHAM, NJ - A salary range ordinance for Chatham Borough employees was adopted on second reading by the Borough of Chatham Council on Monday.

The ordinance #13-23 sets minimum and maximum salary ranges for the 25 borough employees.

Police Chief Phil Crosson will be near the top of his pay scale with a 2014 salary of $145,883. The minimum for the position is $112,826 and the maximum allowed is $146,000.

Among the highest paid borough employees are Vince DeNave, engineering, code enforcement, zoning official at $146,385; Robert Falzarano, borough administrator, at $165,685; Tony Torello, deputy director of public works, at $103,013, ,and Robert Venezia, director of public works, at $116,987.

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