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Chatham 7th-Grade Team Defeats Morristown, 20-6

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 • 10:55pm

MORRISTOWN - Colin Hart's 50-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter powered the Chatham 7th-grade football team to a 20-6 victory over Morristown.

Chatham (2-1) trailed, 6-0, at halftime, but were sparked in the third quarter when Will Ethridge hit Jack Coffey for a first down and Hart made a bruising 15-yard run. Those plays preceded Josh Smith's 21-yard touchdown burst that made it a 6-6 game.

Quarterback Ryan Lonergan scrambled for an eight-yard touchdown run to give Chatham a 12-6 lead early in the fourfth quarter before Hart broke his big TD run. Zach Hoban contributed a two-point conversion kick for Chatham's final points.


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