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Carjacking and Armed Robbery at Short Hills Tiger Mart

Eric Paragallo

Saturday, May 10, 2014 • 1:25am

LIVINGSTON, NJ – At roughly 12:00 a.m., on May 9, two armed robbers fled Short Hills Tiger Mart on South Orange Avenue, after stealing $850, a Tiger Mart employee’s car, and tying up two employees and threatening them at gunpoint, authorities have said.

Reportedly, after setting the store alarm and locking up, a male Short Hills employee was confronted by an individual police are describing as a large male, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, a ski mask and gloves, holding a semi-automatic handgun.

After a brief struggle in which the robber hit the employee in the back of the head with his weapon, police said the robber put the employee in a chokehold and forced him back to the store entrance to offset the alarm and open the front door. 

The robber then reportedly stole $150 from the register and $200 from the employee’s wallet.

Outside the store, a second male, also wearing a ski mask and gloves, assaulted a second male Tiger Mart employee. The second robber bound and gagged the second employee with masking tape, then reportedly stole $500 from his wallet.

The first employee was taken outside and bound and gagged, as well.

The two robbers fled in the one of the employee’s black four-door Nissan X-terra with a license plate reading, WNR34U. The car was last seen heading east on South Orange Ave.

Authorities are currently searching Newark, East Orange and Irvington for the assailants.

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